About Us

Vecta Travels Limited is a world class provider of inspiring travel experience where budget and comfort are at par.

We adopt new innovations and customer tailored services to ensure you have a great travel experience.

Our services include but not limited to: Concierge services, car hire, hotel accommodation, travel insurance, visa assistance and affordable flight tickets that brings balance between our customers? budget, travel experience and comfort.

Whether for business, pleasure, health, academic or religious travel purposes, Vecta Travels provides you with the best comfort for all travel, inspiring travel packages with a world class customer service.

We are transparent and reliable, we are poised at being a ONE STOP Travel Management Company in Nigeria and in West Africa. Every customer is unique, therefore with our consistent service, we will ensure we never leave anyone unsatisfied.

We inspire to explore!

Our Mission

To provide quality yet affordable travel solutions to the utmost satisfaction of the traveler

Our Vision

To be a trusted, professional ONE STOP Travel Management Company and fore-runner in expanding the potentials of local tourism across Nigeria

Core Value

  1. Quality
  2. Affordable
  3. Passion fun and exciting
  4. Friendship and teamwork
  5. Integrity and transparency
  6. Personalized services